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Positive Spin in Dizziness 1 Day Course

Join us for this self paced recorded course that will change your approach to dizziness!

Spend a day with us to demystify dizziness and truly take a positive spin for positive outcomes for the toughest cases!

Join neuro+ vestibular specialists Jaimy Wahab and Katherine Deines for this unique course!

Vestibular rehab is a hot topic, but this course is different by going beyond a rigid framework of nystagmus patterns and abnormal VOR. Instead, we are looking at functional connectivity patterns of the vestibular, visual, somatosensation, and autonomic systems that create maladaptation and/or hypersensitivities to movement, visual stimulation, and touch/pressure.

In this course we will: 

  1. Differentiate between sensory system hypersensitivities, dysfunctions, and dependencies 
  2. Apply a novel framework to demystify complex multisensory dizziness and imbalance
  3. Dive deeper to differentiate between canal and otolith dysfunction and hypersensitivity 
  4. How to initiate a program when someone can’t tolerate traditional habituation 
  5. How to assess and treat maladaptive responses due to abnormal functional connectivity by “HAC”ing the systems (habituation, adaptation, compensation)

Our course is approved in CA for 8 hours of CEUs and we provide the certificate and all of the resources for you to submit for CEUs in your own state. 


And here is how the learning party is set up: 

  • Album 1: Let's get Physical (8:00am- 10:00 am)
    • Anatomy Review of the oculomotor/ visual system, somatosensory system and vestibular system
    • Review and differentiating functions of the otolith versus semi-circular canals
  • Break (10:00am- 10:15am)
  • Album 2: You Spin Me Right Round (10:15am- 12:00pm)
    • Define and Identify differences between oculomotor, otolith, and canal dysfunction and hypersensitivity 
    • Where to start your exam with the patient who is dizzy before your evaluation starts
    • Developing evaluation tools to differentiate between a dysfunctional system versus a hypersensitive system
    • How symptom description guides testing and treatment.
  • Lunch (12:00pm- 1:00pm)
  • Album 3: Let's Talk about Sensory Weighting (1:00pm- 3:00pm)
    • Sensory weighting and dependencies/ differences in treating the patient with hypersensitivity versus dysfunction: going beyond VOR and foam
  • Break (3:00pm- 3:15pm)
  • Album 4: Just Treat It (3:15pm- 5:00pm)
    • Dosing your home program: How to dose a home program with autonomy and error signals.
    • Addressing the Autonomic response to multisensory stimulation: techniques to Settle the symptoms of dizziness and give patients more control of their symptoms
    • Incorporating principles of OPTIMAL theory in your treatment to allow for enhanced expectancies and autonomy