Brain Bytes Business Group 

A group for current neuro business owners in the Brain Bytes Community who want to get support, grow their business, and build a sustainable career that provides for you and your family.

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Are you this neuro business owner?

  • You're desperately seeking work-life balance, but it seems impossible
  • You're struggling with setting time boundaries around running your business and instead you're trying to fit in clients
  • You're feeling alone in running your business and want support from like minded therapists
  • You want to build a sustainable career that provides for you and your family

Growing and sustaining a neuro practice is it’s own beast  (we love our ortho colleagues, but this is definitely different)


Brain Bytes Business Group

This group is exclusive to Brain Bytes Members and current business owners who want...

Support in growing and sustaining your business
An easy way to track important numbers and make decisions

Training and ideas for marketing, organization, and time management
Access to coaches, mentors, and resources to help in areas that are not your expertise


It's time to take action and transform your neuro business that serves you as much as your clients

Get the support, resources, and tools you need!


2 Hour Working Meetings
(Valued at $1,500 )
  • Learn, grow, and get sh*t done at the same time (yep, that's right)
  • Meetings are 1x every other month

6 Core Modules will be covered in the meetings including:

  • Your Vision and how to make traction in your goals
  • Business 101: Money and Planning
  • Communication, feedback, and leadership
  • Marketing
  • and more!
Get accountability, get support, and make time to finally take care of your business - all during these action packed meetings
Private Slack Channel just for the Business Group
(Valued at $1,200 )
  • Chat with your support network and key business mentors
  • Ask questions as they come up in your business
  • Get new ideas and exclusive resources that other brain bytes members don't get via slack
Get real time support and accountability to tackle your business challenges and goals
Exclusive Business Resource Center
(Valued at $1,000 )

Check out what's inside by watching this video!

  • The home base for the business group
  • Calendar of events
  • Working meeting information and core module recordings
  • Additional resources full of tools, book recommendations, and more to help you grow your business 
Your business growth hub where you'll learn how to build a sustainable business and take actionable steps towards your goals

Meet your Mentors

Our team is made up of neuro clinicians and specialists in key neuro business areas

Julie Hershberg, PT, DPT, NCS

Founder of re+active physical therapy and wellness and primary mentor in Brain Bytes. 

Julie has created an innovative business model focused on providing integrated care for people with complex and chronic health conditions.

She started her business as a solo provider wanting to make more time for her family and after getting laid off from her job because "neuro wasn't profitable enough". With a fire in her belly to show that a neuro business could thrive, she started re+active and now it has grown to include a team of over 40 people including PTs, OTs, psychologists, admin staff, and wellness professionals. Re+active serves thousands of patients every month in the LA area, provides wellness services, offers free patient workshops and resources to thousands of people nationally and internationally, and so much more. On top of that, Julie has started a non-profit to help those with neurologic conditions get access to the care they deserve.
And she has done this while working part-time to full-time hours to be able to do what she wants for her kids, husband, parents and extended family.  


Frequent Guest Mentor in Brain Bytes. Business owner and passionate therapist. Mike is one of the first mentors Julie sought out when starting her own business. Mike is a business owner and knows the ins and outs of neurological PT business practice. He also has built a unique career of education, research and clinical practice that most therapists crave.  Mike now works in clinical practice and is a regular guest lecturer on a national and international basis at several universities and national meetings.

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Brain Bytes Business Group

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$52/mo for 12 mo

Pay for a year membership in bite sized amounts

Get $3,700 worth in learning and mentorship for just $52 per month for 12 months!

✔︎ Live online working meetings every other month ($1,500 value)

✔︎ 12 Months of 24/7 access to our dynamic Slack community ($1,200 value)

✔︎ 12 months of access to the business resource center ($1000 value)


✔︎ Bonus mentoring with other seasoned neuro business owners and neuro business specialty experts

Plan auto renews at your same low monthly rate every year and lasts as long as you stay a member in brain bytes