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We empower and inspire clinicians through education, mentoring, and community to take care of themselves, make a difference, and build a fulfilling career working with people with neurological and complex diagnoses 

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Hi, I'm Julie, a neuro PT passionate about empowering clinicians to take care of themselves as they build fulfilling careers working with the most complex conditions. Thanks for checking out our free resources, courses and community!


Start learning about your client's unique sensory system now!


Clinicians, are you struggling to move forward with a client and thinking they may have some sensory differences?

Get started with learning to know that this is a worthwhile rabbit hole to run down by using our easy to use guide!

Sensory Assessment, and identifying differences in the sensory system, is the first step to opening new doors for treatment.

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Treat Dystonia like an expert

Ever feel like you are missing a piece of the puzzle when treating patients with Dystonia?

This jam packed guide will give you the evidence based tools you need to confidently treat all types of Dystonia so that you can give your patient's the results they want to see!

Grab the top 3 treatment tips for Dystonia now


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Learn more about Functional Neurological Disorders (FND), Dystonia, Parkinson's Disease, Centralized Pain, Dysautonomia, AND MORE!

Why grow with re+active education?

Innovative whole person focused, brain-changing education for health care professionals. Courses, community and free resources. And give back to the community.


A community to support one another in advancing practice and advocating for our patients. 


Our signature 8 week online learning + mentoring program to master complex cases and prevent burnout. 


Loads of free resources at your fingertips. 


Dive into new models and breaking research to grow your practice through our courses.  With the re+active team and neuro experts. 

"That was awesome! Patient videos and pauses for discussion were great! Also loved hearing the reality of it where you mentioned "I tried this and they got worse" because it helped calm my brain a little to try some of these things out! I have definitely seen someone get worse in a session and it terrified me! So very lovely to hear that you can work through it and just find different tricks. Thank you thank you!"

Anna L
Physical Therapist

Brain Bytes Community

A community of big-hearted, trailblazing, neuroscience-loving clinicians who grow together, inspire one another to have a fulfilling career, and empower people with complex and misunderstood conditions.

We are a community of therapists who give back to those with neurologic conditions

We are partnered with re+sources for HOPE, which is a non-profit organization that raises funds and promotes initiatives to improve access to expert care for people with neurologic disorders.

Re+sources for HOPE provides grants to people with neurologic disorders, runs a DPT student volunteer program, and free education to the neurologic community.

We donate 50% of all Brain Bytes memberships to support pro bono services for people with neurologic disorders through re+sources for HOPE.

Learn more about re+sources for HOPE


We empower and inspire health care providers through education, mentoring, and support to take care of themselves, make a difference, and build a fulfilling career working with people with complex diagnoses



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