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We equip health care providers with the inspiration and support to take care of yourself, make a difference for your clients, and build a fulfilling career working with people with complex diagnoses. 

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Toning the nervous system can be a challenge for health care professionals.  Help yourself and your clients with these simple practices. 

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"That was awesome! Patient videos and pauses for discussion were great! Also loved hearing the reality of it where you mentioned "I tried this and they got worse" because it helped calm my brain a little to try some of these things out! I have definitely seen someone get worse in a session and it terrified me! So very lovely to hear that you can work through it and just find different tricks. Thank you thank you!"

Anna L
Physical Therapist

Why re+active education?

Innovative whole person focused, brain-changing education for health care professionals. Courses, community and free resources.


A community to support one another in advancing practice and advocating for our patients. 


Loads of free resources at your fingertips. 


Dive into new models and breaking research to grow your practice through our weekend courses.  With the re+active team and neuro experts. 


Our popular advanced movement disorders mini course series and our super practical and interactive weekend courses. 


re+active education helps clinicians maximally improve the lives of people with neurologic disorders through innovative, practical, and collaborative evidence based learning and collaboration.


Practical Handouts

Easy downloads of cheat sheets and patient handouts [coming soon]


Our free video teaching archive will get you started.  Organized by playlist topics to take you that next step in your path. 


Grab one of our free webinars. 


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