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Bonus #1: Advanced Fellowship Mini Courses

$354 value

Get all 6 of our live Schmidt Movement Disorders Mini Courses for FREE when you are a part of our community. 

Bonus #2: Adventure with Expert Guest Mentors

Beth Fisher PhD, PT, FAPTA

Beth is a faculty member at the University of Southern California (USC) and the director of the Neuroplasticity and Imaging Laboratory primarily using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to investigate brain-behavior relationships during motor skill learning and motor control in both non-disabled individuals and individuals with neurologic disorders.

She has a strong passion and has extensive experience in working with people who have neurologic conditions. Beth mentors in our group several times per year.


Mike has been board-certified as a Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy since 1995 and has been designated a Certified Exercise Expert in the Aging Adult (CEEAA) by the Academy of Geriatric PT since 2011. Mike has served as the Vice-president of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy of the APTA and has been the chair and vice-chair of several special interest groups at the national level in each of the Academies of Neurologic and Geriatric PT. He is a full-time treating therapist at and founder of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, in Oregon. Mike has presented courses and published articles on neurologic and geriatric rehabilitation since 1995.

Mike mentors in our group several times per year.

In this online community you will...

Join with other health professionals who want to stay connected and inspired and dive deep into complex cases, become mindful and psychologically informed therapists and build strong therapeutic relationships. 

Be inspired by others who want grow, practice and APPLY their clinical skills with a group of passionate clinicians, super-dedicated to advancing practice for themselves, the profession and their patients.

Jaimy shares this great patient story: 
My patient with a (undiagnosed)functional gait disorder gave me this medal. She was a runner prior to fnd and since treatment she has run her 1st half marathon and some 5ks. It has been 6 years since she could run a race.  She gave me the participation medal because I was an equal participant in her run
 I was there with her she says. She was able to get a  3rd place We need these reminders. I will keep this medal close.  


Emily shares: 

Today I had a major breakthrough with a patient when screen sharing with them the "River Runneth Over" resource you all have shared with me. After watching you and your staff explain it many times via many video lectures and Zoom meetings, I felt confident enough to break it out today. The result- a major breakthrough and discovery of significant past pain and trauma in a patient of mine which will certainly allow us to make meaningful steps forward. A door open for healing that had been sealed shut.  

I wanted to say thank you- personally. The knowledge you shared with me has impacted someone's life in a major way today, and impacted mine! 


Apurva shares:

Sometimes with seeing the complex clients you can feel burned out or overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do.  Having a group like this, it's so encouraging, so motivating, building that creativity connection…that keeps me going. I really like this community, it’s so empowering.  I am so thankful.  During this pandemic time everything is different, plans are presenting differently, things are changing around,  and how to keep yourself going, how to perform well, the pressure around.  Having you guys makes a big difference. 

Why learn with Brittany + Julie (and the rest of the team)?

The Experience

The re+active team is a passionate group of PTs, OTs neuropsychology, yoga therapists and personal trainers who think outside of the box, apply evidence in creative ways and have over 100 years of combined experience. 

Julie and Brittany have been running the online learning through re+active through the last four years and have been learning and applying best practices for engagement and practical applications in the online world. 

The whole re+active team teaches and mentors residents, fellows and students in the complex case world.  

And we have an awesome network of mentors to share with you--including Mike Studer, Beth Fisher and Judy Deutsch among others. 

The Expertise

Brittany Kim is an orthopedic specialist with a neuro heart.  She is your go to person who finds creative ways to combine solid biomechanics with neuroscience.  Brittany completed the orthopedic residency at USC and has been mentoring residents ever since.  She now heads up re+active as a site for the USC residency, teaches "brain based" techniques in the orthopedic curriculum and leads all of the education programs for staff, students and residents at re+active. 

Julie Hershberg has practiced in all settings in the neuro world including acute, inpatient rehab, home health, clinical research, community re-integration, tele-health and outpatient private practice. She started the only neurology-based fellowship program in the world, the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship, 6 years ago.  She mentors, teaches and supports PTs internationally in their clinical growth.  In addition, she started and runs re+active physical therapy & wellness, an outpatient neurology therapy and fitness practice in the Los Angeles area.  She has gained a lot of business expertise while on the up and down journey of private practice ownership and loves to share lessons learned and help others get started. Most importantly, she adores patient care and mentoring.  She was honored with the 2019 Award for Clinical Excellence in Neurology by the ANPT and the 2020 APTA Henry O. and Florence P. Kendall Award.  Known for her creativity, enthusiasm and fun in the classroom, she has received several teaching awards at the University of Southern California, as well.  Passionate to the core, she been sharing weekly videos and neuro nuggets with the world for years and loves the community of therapists who share her enthusiasm. 

Do this for your make the impossible possible

Listen to Emily's Brain Bytes Community story.  With her patient only able to walk less than a minute to 45 minutes in one session.  The power of a community! 



Bonus #1: Neuro Business Brainstorm

Join your fellow mom, business owners and entrepreneurs talk about starting, running and balancing business and life in the neuro world. 

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Bonus #2: Antiracism Bookclub

We believe in belonging and understanding our biases and history is a big part of that! 
Join us for our second antiracism bookclub in December. 

I'm in for belonging!

Bonus #3:  Expert Mentor Sessions

Get access to the most amazing mentors that the neuro world has to offer: Beth Fisher and Mike Studer.  Bring YOUR cases and get expert mentoring. 

Let's go mentoring!

Bonus #1: Advanced Neurologic Therapy Mini Course Series

Our VERY POPULAR advanced neurologic therapy mini courses that have sold out every year are included in your membership for FREE!  This is a savings of $354 for 6 in depth, evidence based courses over the year.    And not only do you have all of the live courses, you have access to the recordings from previous courses to get all of your learning on!

Bonus #5: Neuro Business Brain Storm

A recorded mini training with lessons in running a neuro private practice including:

  • Where to start
  • Resources that help along the way
  • Lessons learned the hard way (ie learn from my mistakes)
  • Cash based practice
  • Adding wellness to practice
  • Staying productive and efficient
  • Balancing life, parenting and business

Bonus #6: Dr. Allan Wu and the Patient Centered Medical Home

An awesome recorded mini training and discussion with Dr. Allan Wu about how we can empower patients to take on management and become the center of their medical care.  

Bonus #3 20% off all re+active education and exclusive access to our first in person course

re+active education is exploding this year!   

  • We will host our first one day course--A Positive Spin on Dizziness with the amazing Katherine Deines and Jaimy Wahab
  • We host two sell-out weekend courses: Neuropracticity and Cultivating CNS Connection.   
  • We plan to get back to small in person courses with exclusive access first to Brain Bytes Members. 

We cannot wait for all of the learning to happen this year and you are invited to the party with a 20% discount!  

Bonus #2: The Special Mentor Session Bonus

Where else can you get mentoring with the experts like this? 

Join us throughout the year as we bring in experts for special mentor sessions.

In May we have Rob Landel, PT, DPT, FAPTA  joining us to talk cervicogenic dizziness and concussion.

We also have a special guest in May, researcher Kaylie Zapanta MS, CSCS to get us up to date on all things in the Gut-Brain Connection in neurodegeneration. 

And in September--to help us dive deeper and bridge the research to practice gap in Pain in the Brain--Jason Kutch PhD--preeminent pain researcher.

 Get excited about having the amazing Janene Holmburg PT, DPT, NCS join us to share her insight on PPPD.

And join us for live patient sessions and application of key research with Beth Fisher PhD, PT, FAPTA and Mike Studer PT,MHS,NCS,CEEAA, CWT, CSST, FAPTA throughout the year!

(How many FAPTAs can we have?!) 

You will not have access to this kind of network and mentoring anywhere else!


Bonus #1:  Special Live Session with Dr. Allan Wu.

Neurologist, Movement Disorder Specialist and Advocate for the patient centered medical home.

If you have joined in any of our dystonia courses--Allan Wu has been a big part and we could talk with him forever!  Everyone is always asking for more!

In this live webinar (In December--TBD) we will have an open discussion with Dr. Wu about the patient centered medical home and help answer our questions like:

  • How can we advocate for our patients to take charge of their health?
  • How do we best collaborate with our physician team? 
  • For complex disorders, how do we help facilitate a hub for medical and therapy management? 

Bonus #2: FREE Schmidt Movement Disorder Fellowship Mini Courses

That's right!  All of the mini courses are yours for FREE in 2021.  6 advanced courses for you (live and recorded) on topics such as ataxia, FMD, differential diagnosis, freezing of gait, and more.  (Value $474). 

Bonus #4:  Neuro Business BrainBytes Storm

Are you a neuro business owner, or looking to become one?  If so, I have a very special bonus for you as part of our Brain Bytes Community.  

I want to support you through your business journey, starting with our recorded mini training Neuro Business BrainBytes Storm.  For our Brain Bytes members, we will have a 90 minute training on all things business related to those common questions for business mentorship that I get asked again and again, including:

  1. Should I take insurance and what about Medicare?
  2. How should I plan for tele-health?
  3. How do I get started at all?  How did you get started and grow?
  4. How do I set up a sustainable wellness program for my patients?
  5. How do I set up cash based services, and keep them going? 
  6. What about adding personal training? 
  7. How do I stay alive and thrive in this changing climate?

Grab our Neuro Brain Storm recorded mini training. 

Bonus #5:  Become a First Year Member

Lock in your low rate for life since you have joined our membership in the first year!  We are so thankful for you and your feedback in this first year, that we are offering in this high value at a great investment.  This will be the last time we open with a first year low rate, so take advantage of the value now.  

Bonus #3: Telehealth Neuro Nuggets Resource and mini training

Sign up for our annual savings today! You will receive this awesome game-changing telehealth bonus (check out our live video here for more details!)

  • Our  telehealth resource book that we have put together over the last few weeks for navigating telehealth in the world of complex cases.  It is full of easy to implement tips including:
    • Our technology sheet to help people get online for telehealth sessions
    • Our telehealth consent example
    • Our telehealth policies example.  
    • And step by step ideas for you!
  • Our recorded mini training only for our Brain Bytes members.  And our mini training includes discussion on your questions including:  
    • How to set up your lower level clients for success
    • How to change from hands on skills to not so hands on with your patients
    • How to help the person without technology know-how
    • AND how to help your patients, team and management get on board
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Become a part of a community that cares....

We are partnered with re+sources for HOPE, which is a non-profit organization that raises funds and promotes initiatives to improve access to expert care for people neurologic disorders.

We donate 50% of all educational proceeds from brain bytes to support pro bono services for people with neurologic disorders through re+sources for HOPE.

Learn more about re+sources for HOPE

What is included in your membership

Live Monthly Case Adventures

Join us live for case based learning--in an innovative, interactive adventure style.  Including live patient assessments and treatments!

Live Monthly Happy Hours

Live practice and application.  Bring your  challenges and come together to discuss and practice solutions. 


Topically organized cheat sheets, patient education handouts, a how-to library for those lesser known tests, and community presentations.

Community Support

Private and easy to access support and discussion in our Slack Community.  No need to go on social media to share your questions and get input from this growth mindset community. 

Join the Adventure

Look at cases with a new perspective.  Where to start, where to go next and where to dive deeper.   Integrating evidence and experts with a whole-person approach to learning and application. 

Check out what is included in our online platform -->


Let's journey together

Our community includes every month:

  • Monthly live online sessions for the latest evidence, creative practical applications, and mentoring with unique cases.  Our topics are usually those things that you don't find in school or other courses.
  • Ongoing discussions, patient case posting and mentoring.
  • Engaging application and practice beyond the biopsychosocial and motor learning concepts not found elsewhere.
  • Complex cases including post concussion syndrome, functional disorders, complex vestibular, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders AND all of the other neuro--PD, stroke, TBI, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis  AND more.
  • Resources: access to patient education handouts and cheat sheets to download
  • Vault of resources to make your life easier
  • Access to neuro AND ortho experts from the re+active team of expert PTs and OTs  and throughout our network to problem solve your toughest patient questions.
  • A community of like-minded therapists committed to advancing their practice.
  • All for a great value.


All The Gear You Need For Your  Adventure.  Our community is open for a limited time with our Complex Case Masterclass only 


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