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A community of big-hearted, trailblazing, neuroscience-loving clinicians who grow together, inspire one another to have a fulfilling career, and empower people with complex and misunderstood conditions.


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Brain Bytes Community

This is the only community of driven professionals who seek a common understanding and support--come join your fellow PTs, OTs, STs, psychologists, fitness professionals and other clinicians in this unique setting. 


We empower, inspire, educate, and mentor clinicians on how to...

Build a fulfilling career empowering people with neurologic and complex conditions without burning out
Simplify and expertly manage complex cases through our adaptable framework

Build and connect with an integrated care team to optimally support themselves and their clients 

It's time to revolutionize how we do healthcare and how we support our needs as clinicians

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We're the brain bytes community

We're a different kind of community of interdisciplinary clinicians who are passionate about helping those with misunderstood diagnoses, complex neurologic conditions, and chronic health conditions.

Here are the kind of members and experiences that are waiting for you inside the brain bytes community.

Clinicians who are niche and need niche support

"Random rant, I wish more clinics like reactive existed. Wanting to switch my current job due to some reasons but literally cannot find another clinic that meets my passion areas let alone offer the learning and growth opportunities that reactive does. Does anyone else working in niche PT areas feel this too? Literally had an employer just tell me your areas of practice are too complex and we are looking for a more generic physio."

- Trineta
Clinicians who care a lot about the people they work with and want them to get amazing outcomes

"My patient with a (undiagnosed)functional gait disorder gave me this medal. She was a runner prior to fnd and since treatment she has run her 1st half marathon and some 5ks. It has been 6 years since she could run a race.  She gave me the participation medal because I was an equal participant in her run. I was there with her she says. She was able to get a  3rd place We need these reminders. I will keep this medal close."

- Jaimy
Clinicians who want to take their personal and professional goals to the next level

"This community has elevated my practice more than I can put into words. I have been able to with confidence help the most complex cases and be seen as a specialist in FND in my area due to the mentoring I receive from the group! It also gave me the inspiration and confidence to start my own practice this year. Most importantly, the community talks about tangible techniques to reduce burnout. It truly is a community of others who love neurology, and for me has been a much needed support personally and professionally. ‚̧ԳŹ"

- Ashley
Clinicians who are looking for inspiration & connection

"Sometimes with seeing the complex clients you can feel burned out or overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do. Having a group like this, it's so encouraging, so motivating, building that creativity connection…that keeps me going. I really like this community, it’s so empowering. I am so thankful. During this pandemic time everything is different, plans are presenting differently, things are changing around, and how to keep yourself going, how to perform well, the pressure around. Having you guys makes a big difference."

- Apurva

Meet Trineta, a neurophysio based in Canada

Practicing for 6 years now, she found herself drawn to more complex cases, but feeling alone and overwhelmed. She was looking for mentoring and support when she discovered Brain Bytes.

She shares her journey before and after Brain Bytes and how much more confidence and support she feels now. And she’s crushing it—confidence with a lot of clients with FND, starting a dysautonomia group, and the lead therapist in the concussion program. Most importantly, she sees that her patients, even the toughest cases, are getting better. Her patients compliment her on her creativity and her ability to be real with them. ‚Ä®

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In this next year, you could…

  • Finally know how to help your clients with complex neurologic conditions (like FND) AND get amazing outcomes 
  • Get more time back for yourself and family because you aren't endlessly researching how to help your clients anymore AND because you are setting better boundaries
  • Have a whole new set of tools and treatment options to run with, including ways to address the autonomic nervous system, sensory system, and psychosocial involvement
  • AND you wouldn't have to do it all alone

These outcomes are possible...

You just need to have a supportive, multidisciplinary community of clinicians and expert mentors who you can continually grow with and who can be there when you need it most

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Does this resonate with you?

  • You are the clinician at your office that is referred some of the most challenging cases, but this leaves you feeling like you're all on your own in the work you do
  • You have done con-ed courses or been a part of other groups, but now you are looking for something beyond the basics, and a place to really grow & stretch yourself
  • You realize that people with complex neurologic conditions and chronic health conditions need more than you on your team and you're looking to connect with other professions and learn from them

  • You're a highly compassionate, driven clinician and you're wanting to keep that fire going, but you're feeling heavy from the work you do...maybe your work life is affecting your personal life too
  • You have been getting stuck in some ruts and you're tired of learning (and then forgetting) a new/different treatment technique - you're looking for creative, person centered solutions that go beyond intensity of training, practice schedules, and facilitation techniques...

Because let's be honest.... those seemingly awesome treatment interventions only really work when you truly understand the individual in front of you and have the tools + support to overcome the most challenging barriers to your plan of care

This Community Is For You If...

  • You love complex cases and thinking outside of the box
  • You are a unicorn therapist and you are trying to find other unicorns like you!
  • ¬†You love working with people with invisible or misunderstood conditions like FND, concussion, movement disorders, pain, EDS/POTS, and more!¬†

  • You¬†want to start¬†investing in yourself, rather than just checking off con-ed requirements
  • You are looking for mentorship for personal and professional growth so you can get the outcomes you want for yourself and your clients
  • You want to connect with a multidisciplinary community of big hearted therapists that give back, want to change the world, and who care about access to care
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What's Included in Brain Bytes


Live Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions

(Valued at $2,400)

90-Min Sessions, 1x per month.

Come live or watch the recording. 

Our sessions are evidence based and focus on taking action in the clinic. They're highly innovative, interactive, and a choose your own adventure style.  We also have sessions with live patient assessments and treatments!

  • Stay up to date with the latest evidence for treating people with FND, Parkinson's Disease, Dystonia, Centralized Pain, Persistent Post Concussion, Complex Dizziness, and more!
  • Get mentorship on your cases during live sessions!
  • Learn how to set better boundaries with your clients and build a sustainable career for yourself
  • Learn how to build a team around you (regardless of your setting) to support you and your clients needs

Think of all the new knowledge and tools you'll have that you can apply right away to your caseload.

Upcoming Topics in Brain Bytes

  • May: Autonomic nervous system¬†
  • June: Functional Neurologic Disorder (FND)
  • July: Complex dizziness
  • August: Ataxia
  • September: Functional Seizures
  • October:¬† Behavior change, Lifestyle interventions, Motivational Interviewing in Movement Disorders
  • November: Guest Mentoring
  • December: Persistent Post Concussion Syndrome

The Brain Bytes Community Private Chat

(Valued at $1,200)

This is one of our most valuable features because it will save you so much time and it's a quick way to get the mentorship you want in real time.

We use a private online community feature to discuss tough cases, make connections, and share helpful tips and resources. 

  • Have direct access to expert mentors and hundreds of brilliant minds in the community
  • Get help on your toughest cases in real time AND start¬†truly growing as a clinician
  • Save time and get better outcomes by not having to go it alone, endlessly researching things, or doing the trial and error method until you figure it out months later
  • Connect with other people who are equally as passionate as you
  • Boost your skills with our monthly skill boosters & challenges!

Imagine finishing a session with a person you've been struggling with or have never seen a presentation like their's before, and you immediately slack your community & mentors to get answers and advice!


Resource Vault + How-To Videos

Fast and easy to use topically organized cheat sheets, patient education handouts, a how-to library for those lesser known tests, and community presentations.

Our Brain Bytes site is searchable and you can find resources, how-to videos, and more by just looking up what you need.

  • How-to videos on how to perform sensory training, helpful manual therapy techniques for the neurologic patient population, and more!
  • Evaluation cheat sheets
  • Educational handouts
  • Outcome measures
  • Articles
  • and so much more!

Think how easy prep time will be for clients with these resources at your finger tips?


Special bonus Expires today (April 25th): OT in FND bonus 

Special live session bonus with the amazing OT team from Mass General 

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Exclusive Member Bonuses + Benefits


Brain Bytes Member Discount

Bonus #1: Our signature course FREE!

16 hours/1.6 CEUs

Get the complex case masterclass (valued at $697) for free. Start your journey with the only online self paced course proven to reduce burnout and improve confidence with complex cases.

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Learn more about our signature course

Bonus #2: FND Mini-Course FREE

2 hours/0.2 CEUs
($197 Value)

Get our recorded FND Mini-Course for FREE! This mini-course walks through neuroscience, assessment, and treatment of FND.  

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Bonus #3: Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship Mini-Courses

($985 Value)

Get exclusive access to the didactic material for our Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship. These courses are only for Brain Bytes Members. Topics include: Pain in Parkinsons, Ataxia, FND, Dystonia, PPPD, and more!

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Brain Bytes Community

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This is for current neuro business owners who want to get support, grow their business, and build a sustainable career that provides for you and your family.

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Get mentoring by people who are in the field, rolling up their sleeves, and doing the work to get successful outcomes for people with complex and chronic conditions

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At re+active we see people on daily basis with complex neurologic disorders and chronic health conditions including: Functional Neurological Disorders, PPPD, PCS, EDS, dysautonomia, centralized pain, CRPS, and so much more!

We are living and breathing our mission and have forged a new path in outpatient therapy. We seek innovative, creative, and evidence based ways of helping our population.

As part of that, we have created our own integrated team of PTs, OTs, Psychologists, and wellness professionals so our clients get full support and experience optimal recovery.

Our dream is that every person with a complex or chronic health condition has a highly skilled, compassionate team they deserve to serve their needs.

Meet our Mentoring Team

Our team is made up of an interdisciplinary group of clinical experts and researchers in the field of neuroscience and neuro rehabilitation

Julie Hershberg, PT, DPT, NCS

Founder of re+active physical therapy and wellness and primary mentor in Brain Bytes. Julie is faculty at the University of Southern California, has taught at CSM, with the ANPT, and more! With experience doing research and a passion for neuroscience this neuro nerd, super mom, with a big heart thinks outside the box to help her clients succeed.

Brittany Kim, PT, DPT, OCS

Primary mentor in Brain Bytes, Education Coordinator at re+active, Site Director of the USC Orthopedic Residency Program at re+active, and orthopedic specialist. Brittany is a guest lecturer in USC's DPT program, has taught in USC's Spine Fellowship program, and other online education platforms. This PT loves working with people with CRPS and uses her neuro/ortho love to help navigate complex cases.

Naoya Ogura, OTD, OTR/L

Mentor in Brain Bytes, Occupational Therapist, re+active WLA clinic director and Director for re+active's EDS/POTS program. Naoya has a passion for lifestyle interventions in chronic disease. His expertise lies in sleep, diet, stress management and mindfulness. He has taught continuing education courses for therapists on the topic of lifestyle management and mindfulness as an intervention, as well as led patient group education courses on the topics of lifestyle management, stress management, and sleep.

Chelsea Richardson PT, DPT, NCS

Mentor in Brain Bytes, Director of the Functional Movement Disorders program at re+active, re+active Torrance Clinic Director, and Director of the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship. Chelsea has a passion for working with complex movement disorders and completed the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship in 2017. She continues to mentor physical therapists and doctor of physical therapy students in the area of movement disorders.

Dr. Lauren Keats, PsyD

Mentor in Brain Bytes, Director of Psychology at re+active, and Neuropsychologist. Lauren specializes in the assessment and treatment of individuals with acquired brain injury, neurological disease, chronic health conditions, FND and other psychological difficulties. She provides individual and family psychotherapy, neuropsychological assessment, psychoeducation, and cognitive rehabilitation. She utilizes empirically-supported treatments such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Meet our Special Guest mentors!


Frequent Guest Mentor in Brain Bytes. Business owner and passionate therapist. Mike has presented courses and published articles on neurologic and geriatric rehabilitation since 1995 and has authored and co-authored over 30 articles on topics of neurology and geriatrics, as well as several book chapters on stroke, cognition, PD, and preventative care as well. Mike is now regularly a guest lecturer on a national and international basis at several universities and national meetings.












Beth Fisher, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Frequent Guest Mentor in Brain Bytes. Beth has given over 100 major presentations nationally and internationally since 1991. This includes over 21 presentations for the national physical therapy association (APTA) and state physical therapy associations. She is  Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California and the director of the Neuroplasticity and Imaging Laboratory primarily using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to investigate brain-behavior relationships during motor skill learning and motor control in both non-disabled individuals and individuals with neurologic disorders.









Emily Rich, M.O.T., OTR/L, PhD candidate

Emily is a practicing occupational therapist, Ph.D. candidate, and researcher. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in occupational therapy at Texas Woman's University (TWU). Emily's research centers around POTS and rehabilitation therapy, specifically exploring self-management and group-based treatment options. Ms. Rich was the American Occupational Therapy Association Assembly of Student Delegates representative and Texas Occupational Therapy Association representative for her class at TWU. Emily is an occupational therapist serving adolescents and adults in a medical outpatient therapy setting at Tucson Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. Ms. Rich specializes in treating individuals with chronic conditions including forms of dysautonomia such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and joint hypermobility, persistent pain, and Parkinson disease. 

Jaimy Wahab, PT, DPT, NCS

Frequent Guest Mentor and Brain Bytes Members. Jaimy is owner of the Balance and Neurologic Center of the Rockies and has been a Neurologic Clinical Specialist since 2007. She is affiliate faculty at Regis University since 2005 assisting in the neurologic thread. She received the Outstanding Affiliate Faculty Award, Regis University in 2019. She has participated in research related to somatosensory impairment in those with Parkinson’s Disease through Regis University’s physical therapy program. Additionally, she has been an invited speaker for many community and professional groups at the local, national, and international levels.



Katherine Deines, PT, DPT, NCS

Frequent Guest Mentor and Brain Bytes Member. Katherine is Co-owner of STEP UP Physical Therapy in Denver, CO and is a Neurologic Clinical Specialist. She completed competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation 2002, at Emory University and has assisted in neurologic and vestibular coursework and labs for the University of Colorado physical therapy program. She has also participated in research related to somatosensory impairment in those with Parkinson’s Disease through Regis University’s physical therapy program and has published Physical Therapy Case Reports and Journal of Rheumatology. Lastly, Katherine has presented at APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in platform and poster presentations.

Dr. Jason Kutch, PhD

Guest mentor in Brain Bytes. Jason is a neuroscience researcher and Associate Professor at the University of Southern California whose focus is on centralized pain. His research focuses on understanding brain and spinal cord networks controlling muscle fibers with neuroimaging, electrophysiology, and mathematical models; optimizing rehabilitation for restoring normal control of muscle in individuals with chronic pain.








Become a part of a community that cares....

We are partnered with re+sources for HOPE, which is a non-profit organization that raises funds and promotes initiatives to improve access to expert care for people neurologic disorders.

We donate 50% of all educational proceeds from brain bytes to support pro bono services for people with neurologic disorders through re+sources for HOPE.

Learn about re+sources for hope

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Brain Bytes Community

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