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Cervical Dystonia Assessment


Do you remember having your first introduction to cervical dystonia and saying “Cervical what?”

[Disclaimer--people with Cervical dystonia--this blog post is tailored to physical therapist assessment--but loads of good info for you, too! And educate your therapist--bring them this blog post!]


Cervical dystonia (CD) is often a topic that isn’t even mentioned as part of physical therapy education. So, when you started to see patients, you likely searched the literature and didn’t find a whole lot*.


*(But thank you Beth Crowner for a nice summary article from PTJ in 2007 (Crowner 2007)—without your article in the early days I would have been really lost!)


We have been lucky to learn by fire by seeing quite a few clients with dystonia here at re+active PT & wellness and collaborating on research with UCLA looking very closely at the assessment and treatment of dystonia. It has become our passion to explore and...

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