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FREE training: Otolith mixtape!

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This training is for clinicians treating patients with complex dizziness that is unresponsive to traditional vestibular rehab, and offers guidance on where to start and how to focus treatment plans effectively to address hypersensitivity and vestibular migraines.

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Exactly what you need to get unstuck in complex dizziness!  Get a handy cheat sheet with tips to get started with Otolith assessment. 

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Start learning about your client's unique sensory system now!


Clinicians, are you struggling to move forward with a client and thinking they may have some sensory differences?

Get started with learning to know that this is a worthwhile rabbit hole to run down by using our easy to use guide!

Sensory Assessment, and identifying differences in the sensory system, is the first step to opening new doors for treatment.

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Treat Dystonia like an expert

Every therapist treating patients with Dystonia should use these 3 treatment tips for successful outcomes.

This free guide will give you the evidence based tools you need to confidently treat all types of Dystonia so that you can give your patient's the results they want to see!


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6 Things for Success in FND

Not sure where to start in Functional Neurological Disorder? 

Here are the 6 things you NEED TO KNOW!

This handout is for ANY therapist working with patients who have FND and want to improve their patient outcomes. Download our FREE handout Now! 

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Free Short Educational Videos

Our educational videos will provide bytes of practical, evidence based treatment tips, diagnosis specific information, and ways to upping your practice level to help those with complex cases and rare diagnoses.

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Check out one of our most popular videos on FND

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