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Do You Feel this Same Way about Complex Cases?



but you only have so much to give and you are feeling tired, exhausted, and heavy from the work you do.



but get frustrated and discouraged when you feel lost with what to do with ALL those moving pieces.


but you feel overburdened, overwhelmed, and alone trying to be "all things" for your client.

The Complex Case Masterclass is for Therapists Who

✔ Find working with people who have complex cases rewarding, but hard sometimes


✔ Love the problem solving with complex cases like FND, dystonia, pain, CRPS, dizziness, or multiple diagnoses.

Struggle to maintain boundaries, but also want to have a connection with and have empathy for their clients 


✔ Want a clear framework for how to break down and simplify a complex cases

✔ Want to enhance their clinical reasoning skills to evaluate/treat at a client holistically and efficiently 

✔  Want to learn more about how to assess and treat the Autonomic Nervous System, Sensory System, and Lifestyle Factors


✔ Find psychosocial issues challenging and need communication strategies


✔ Want guidance in how to build a team to support themselves and their client (including how to build an interdisciplinary team)


By the end of this course

You will learn how to become a psychologically informed therapist
You will have strategies and be able to improve patient self efficacy
You will be able to effectively manage psychosocial issues and lifestyle factors
You will be able assess and treat the Autonomic Nervous System
You will be able to assess and treat the Sensory System
You will be able to assess and treat motor control impairments
You will be able to efficiently perform differential diagnosis in complex cases
You will be able to break down complex problems more efficiently by utilizing a framework
You will be able to navigate complex orthopedic, neurologic, and conditions that affect full body systems
You will learn self management skills as a therapist to reduce burnout
You will learn how to build a team to support yourself as a clinician professionally
You will know where to start in building your own interdisciplinary team

Learn with

Re+Active Education 

Julie Hershberg, PT, DPT, NCS

Julie has practiced in all settings in the neuro world including acute, inpatient rehab, home health, clinical research, community re-integration, tele-health and outpatient private practice. She started the only neurology-based fellowship program in the world, the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship. She mentors PTs internationally in their clinical growth and is a faculty member at USC. In addition, she started and runs re+active physical therapy & wellness. She was honored with the 2019 Award for Clinical Excellence in Neurology by the ANPT and has received several teaching awards from USC.

Brittany Kim PT, DPT, OCS

Brittany received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from USC. After finishing the program she participated in USC's Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program to earn her OCS. She is a guest lecturer on the topic of Centralized Pain in USC's DPT program. She has taught in the USC Spine Fellowship Program as well. She mentors physical therapists internationally in the management of complex cases and she treats people with CRPS, POTS, EDS, and neurologic patients with orthopedic issues.

Naoya Ogura, OTD, OTR/L

Dr. Naoya Ogura is a neurologic OT with a passion for lifestyle interventions in chronic disease. He is the clinic director at re+active West LA and the director of the pain program. His expertise lies in sleep, diet, stress management and mindfulness. He has taught continuing education courses for therapists on the topic of lifestyle management and mindfulness as an intervention, as well as led patient group education courses on the topics of lifestyle management, stress management, and sleep.

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"The passion to teach and provide the community with information on these topics is truly evident and inspirational from these presenters. The joy and genuine love to just provide patients with the best care and providers with the knowledge to do so, is something that draws me back to this group all the time." J.Q.
"Julie and Brittany great job of the hybrid piece and making it feel like we were all together. The case examples were wonderful, videos were wonderful. I really liked the problem solving and creating a solution with one case, piece by piece." M.M.
"I found all the presenters to be authentic throughout the course. It is refreshing to see therapists identify areas they have done well, and areas where they have struggled or still struggle with. I find in other courses with specific approaches, they are an all or nothing and need to be perfect to get buy in from the attendees. This was the opposite, I was so grateful to attend a course where honesty, patient partnership, and success in recovery (however that looks) were the core of the course. Also, the depth of experience, knowledge, and skill that Julie & Brittany demonstrated was the highlight, I always learn so much from listening to your clinical reasoning, and humbled by your interactions with your patients." N.P.

What's included in the Masterclass






The Masterclass

  • 3 Core Modules

  • 8 weeks of engaging online learning material

  • Videos, audios, PDFs, cheat sheets, self reflection activities, and clinically relevant action steps

Module 01: You

2 Week Module About You Taking Care of Yourself
We will discussing and addressing areas that may be causing you to feel overwhelmed and burned out from working with complex cases. 
We will talk about:
  • The evidence about burnout in healthcare providers
  • Setting boundaries
  • Developing good lifestyle habits that support your work as a clinician
  • How to take care of yourself when you have to encounter difficult or emotionally taxing situations

Module 02: The Client

5 Week Module About Breaking Down Complex Cases
We will focus on bolstering your clinical reasoning skills and help you be more holistic and efficient with complex cases.
We will talk about:
  • Differential diagnosis of neuro and complex pain presentations
  • Reviewing a framework to help break down complex problems
  • Learn assessments and treatments for the Autonomic Nervous System, Sensory System, Motor Control Impairments
  • Review psychosocial and lifestyle management
  • Tackle how to manage flare ups and discharge

Module 03: The Team

1 Week Module About Building Your Team
We will discussing and taking action steps towards building a team that supports both you and your clients.
We will talk about:
  • The role of OT, the medical team, and psychology in the management of complex cases
  • We will talk about strategies to help you develop your own interdisciplinary team
  • We will talk about the importance of continued professional support for you as a clinician
  • We will have special guest lectures from other healthcare fields

Bonus 01

Live Q&A Style Group Mentoring

Live Q&A mentoring with our education team via zoom 
($724 value) 

Bonus 02

Access to a Community

24/7 Private Slack Channel Community for the duration of the Masterclass
Share your case, ask a question, access to a community of experts
($497 value)

Bonus 03

How-To Section + Resource Vault

How to videos for asessment and treatment
Cheat sheets
Smart-text swipe file
($497 value)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

If you've done the work, and are not satisfied in the first 21 days of first lesson going live, then we will happily refund you your full amount!

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