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Hi, I’m Julie! I’m sure you already know how passionate I am about FND, but here’s what you don't know…


What you'll find inside your guide

  • A brief explanation of the neuroscience of FND to support your understanding of WHY you should modify your approach
  • Our top 10 things you should NOT do with someone with FND along with helpful tips to try instead

Plus, you'll get even more equipped with our top articles for FND

→OPTIMAL Theory Article for Motor Learning

  • The latest and most comprehensive article on improving motor learning outcomes.
  • This will be your go to treatment philosophy to integrate into your motor based interventions for people with FND 

→ PT consensus article for FND

  • An overview of FND and the current recommendations for treatment approaches with FND
  • This review article is the prefect resource to get you started with FND in the most evidence based way possible

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Outpatient PT

"I have grown and learned so much! You are inspiring and presented me with the missing pieces that have helped me progress some of the patients that I have been stuck on"

Acute care PT

"Thank you so much for this download!  I used some of these things with a person in the hospital with functional seizures, and now they are back to work!"

If you want to learn more about FND grab this free FREE guide now!

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Meet Brittany Kim, PT, DPT, OCS

Board Certified Clinical Orthopedic Specialist
Doctor of Physical Therapy

I'm so excited that you are eager to learn more about how to provide the best evidence care you can for people with Functional Neurological Disorders (FND)!
I made this free download just for you đź¤—

As an orthopedic specialist who not only mentors and teaches about FND, but also works with people who have movement disorders, other neurologic disorders, chronic health conditions, and centralized pain, I can tell you first hand that your approach to working with someone with FND needs to be different.

Just because someone with FND might have a hip labral tear, for example, doesn't mean you treat them like a standard orthopedic case.

People with FND have a nervous system that operates in a unique way and that has to be considered as part of your clinical reasoning for optimal outcomes.

In fact, those traditional physical therapy approaches can sometimes flare people's FND symptoms, because you could be feeding into those neurological mechanisms that perpetuate FND symptoms.

This my challenge for you...
You really need to dive deep and understand the pathophysiology, neuroscience, and differences in people's nervous systems with FND in order to provide the best care you can, AND so you don't flare up their symptoms.

This free download is going to get you started on your journey with treating someone who has FND: what FND is, the things you should NOT do, tips for what you should do instead, and evidence based resources to help equip you for success.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about FND.
It means a great deal to us at re+active and the people we serve.

Brittany Kim


If you want to learn more about FND grab this free FREE guide now!

After you sign up an email will be sent to you with all the goodies!