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Stop Documentation Burnout 

The FREE 5 day challenge to improve documentation efficiency when working with complex cases

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Let's just get it out there...

Documentation is the armpit of our jobs as PTs and OTs

Documentation is very energy draining, time consuming, and tedious at times. This can be especially true when you are documenting for a more complex case - so many details to include, your interventions might be inventive rather than cookie cutter, and your assessments feel more involved.

Sometimes these notes take forever and you are sitting in the office either at the crack of dawn or late into the evening trying to trudge your way to the end of those notes!

At Re+Active we see TONS of people who have high complexity and we provide very specialized care. We know your struggle all too well as therapists who care a lot, want to write good notes that are defensible, and don't want to spend a million hours doing them.

Imagine if your documentation efficiency level was at a place where you are walking out the door 10-15 minutes after your last patient and throwing yourself into a delicious dinner and your favorite binge worthy show!

Or whatever your favorite ME TIME activity is afterwork :)

By the end of this FREE 5 day challenge...

We want to help you stop burning out from documentation when working with complex cases and learn how to be more efficient so you can stop spending your personal time on documentation and have more free time for yourself!

"I liked all the suggestions and examples given (in the daily challenges). The example conversations gave me a prompt to read from which helped me communicate with my patients better and incorporate case management into the session WITHOUT feeling guilty" - M.R.
"I nearly finished 1 eval & a POC update in the session, which hasn't happened in a while! I saved at least 20 min a day." - K.B.
"I really liked the community aspect and sharing what we did that day. I really liked hearing how others are applying these techniques because it made it feel more real." -W.B.

How the Documentation Challenge Works

 What you get

The Challenge Schedule

Stop Documentation Burnout 

The FREE 5 day challenge to improve documentation efficiency when working with complex cases

Time for some tough love...

Your first lesson on why you need to change how you do documentation

Why do you keep giving away your personal time (and income) to do your documentation?

very extra minute of time you spend working on paperwork outside of your work hours you are effectively reducing your hourly pay.

For example, if you did 1 extra hour of paper work per working day, that would be 5 hours per week of work that you may not be getting paid for. Which means, instead of getting paid $40 per hour, you are getting paid $35 per hour that week (in a 40hr work week).

Not only are you effectively losing pay, but you are also donating your valuable personal time - Your time to rest, recoup, and enjoy with those you love.


 Are you ready to get those 5 hours back for yourself?

Join our FREE 5 Day Documentation Challenge learn how to win back your personal life by working smarter, not harder at documentation.