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Differential Diagnosis in Movement Disorders Pocket Guide

Is this tremor?  Is it functional?   Or is it dystonia?   With this easy to follow pocket guide, we walk through a step by step process to help rule in and out more complex movement disorders so you can help people for the optimal outcomes. 

Sensory Mapping Cheat Sheet

This is a very practical tip sheet with a step by step of the training process through 5 phases of sensory training. 

The River Runneth Over Handout

This is probably my most used resource!  It is a great way for therapists to help people understand the neuroplasticity approach to FND and therapy.

Grounding Tip Sheet

This sheet is helpful  PT/ OT to lead someone through a sitting grounding practice and to you lead someone through a grounding practice. 

LBP and Camptocormia Algorithm Download

A great resource for therapists working with people with PD who have postural problems. 

Freezing of Gait Pocket Guide

Do you ever feel a little stuck with freezing of gait?  Like you have tried everything but the freezing seems to be getting worse? In this PDF we share one of our famous pie charts--this time for treatment of FOG.  

Dual Task Ideas + Printable set of cards 

Do you ever get into a funk with your creative treatment ideas?  Where you end up using the same piece of equipment or sequence of tasks with people over and over?  Make dual task easy with this printable set of cards

Pie Chart Download

A great resource for therapists working with people with neurologic disorders or complex cases to help clarify their understanding of their diagnosis. 

Neuro Screen + Neuroanatomy Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet provides you with the basic neuro screen AND the interpretation with the neuroanatomy. 

Movement Analysis Cheat Sheet

Be your best Nancy Drew! Grab our advanced Movement Analysis Cheat Sheet here

Dystonia Conquered

Grab our dystonia program freebie

What do we do?

We love to collaborate with other health professionals through education.  Our learning includes an innovative membership community, mini courses, weekend courses, the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship and as a site for the USC Orthopedic Residency.   

We LOVE sharing what we are learning and doing all of the time!  This includes weekly FB live videos, frequent free webinars and free printed resources for therapy world.  

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