FND Bootcamp for Clinicians

▶ Boost your skills
▶ Get Mentorship
▶ Be inspired

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👋 Hi! I'm Julie
I am SUPER passionate about FND

AND I want to help you get wins with FND
that bring so much joy... you just might ugly cry


This Bootcamp is made for you

If you are a clinician who...


Wants more than just a lecture

✔ Wants experienced guidance on HOW to help people with FND (in real time)

✔ Thrives with supportive mentorship and a community to boost your skills faster

✔ Enjoys being creative AND wants to learn with a little splash of fun 😉

Are you getting wins like this with FND?


Let's start by first boosting your skills 

in our FND Bootcamp! 

By the end of the FND Bootcamp you'll...

→  Feel confident with how to use a brand new set of treatment tools for any type of FND

→  Have TONS of NEW, creative treatment ideas for current and future clients

→  Feel like you have a clear direction on how to navigate complex FND

PS. You don't have to currently be seeing someone with FND to benefit from this bootcamp!
Think of it as hands-on training to prepare for when someone with FND walks in your door.


"Great combination of being evidence based, practical and providing a case example. Super helpful and I hope it gets more people actively engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration."


"Very practical; takeaways are actionable and I feel ready to implement them tomorrow!"

Here's How the Bootcamp Works

Watch this 2 minute video where Brittany shares what you can expect during the FND Bootcamp!


Your FND Bootcamp Experience: Day by Day

All of our trainings will be LIVE ONLINE and recorded so you don't miss a thing!

Wednesday, April 10th

Doors open EARLY for the FND Bootcamp Community!!!

This is where the mentorship, connection, and real growth happens!

This Bootcamp, we are going to be using a Facebook group to connect, share ideas, and work together to problem solve your toughest cases.

Take advantage of the extra time in the community BEFORE the Bootcamp officially starts! 

Friday, April 12th


🥳 Welcome Party & Live Training (12:00-12:30 PM PST)
Will be recorded

We'll be talking about the neuroscience of FND, getting everyone ready to go for the bootcamp, and of course... having tons of FUN!

Includes handouts and action steps for the clinic, and opportunity to win fun prizes

Monday, April 15th

FND Bootcamp Day 1

Live Training: Motor Control (5:00-5:30 PM PST)
Will be recorded

We'll be diving into how to optimally drive motor learning in people with FND and help them overcome motor related symptoms.

Challenge for the day: You'll be provided 2 strategies for motor learning to apply with your clients.

Includes handouts and opportunity to win fun prizes!

Tuesday, April 16th

FND Bootcamp Day 2

Live Training: Sensory (5:00-5:30 PM PST)
Will be recorded

Ooo this one is going to be SO good -- The sensory system is often overlooked in FND, but can be so magical when you get it right. Sometimes people can have an instant change in FND symptoms.

Challenge for the day: You'll try out using sensory input or doing sensory training with one of your clients.

Includes handouts and opportunity to win fun prizes!

Wednesday, April 17th

FND Bootcamp Day 3

Live Training: Autonomic (12:00-12:30 PM PST)
Will be recorded

Having trouble finding an off switch that works? Or have you ever experienced how sometimes breathing and regulation strategies just make things worse? 

Yep, we've struggled with that too!

We're going to talk all things autonomic and how to customize interventions for someone with FND.

Challenge for the day: You'll experiment with a couple of outside of the box ANS regulation strategies either with yourself or with your clients. 

Includes handouts and opportunity to win fun prizes!

BONUS 2 Hour Special Live Training!

FND: How to Put it All Together -- What are the next steps with FND?

LIVE April 17th @ 5pm PST - 7pm PST

In this Bonus Special Live Training you will get to take what you've learned during the entire bootcamp and learn a systematic way to put it all together! 

Of course, we are going to use our favorite "choose your own adventure" method of teaching to help make everything click, because isn't that how it is in the clinic anyways?

A new adventure every day. 

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